[Japan Made] Pigeon Breast Pad - Fit Up (126s + 10 FREE)

Made in Japan. 100% Authentic.


Pigeon Fit Up Breast Pad (126 Pieces)

Pigeon Nursing Breast Pads comes in this new 3-D shape prevents the pad from slipping and maintains a good silhouette. There is no need to worry about leakage. The rapidly absorbing polymer, especially designed for breast milk, quickly catches any spilled mother’s milk. The pads can absorb a large amount of milk without leaking. The highly absorbent sheets trap the milk, comfortably keeping the skin dry and smooth. The sheet has a soft cushion to protect the mother’s breast. A special tape secures the pads to the breasts at the top and bottom to prevent from slippage.


  1. Marshmallow fluffy soft to touch surface
  2. 50- lesser moisture that stays on surface free from stuffiness
  3. Instantaneous absorption polymer no worries from leakage
  4. 5 adhesive strips to keep pad in place
  5. Three dimensional structure to prevent pad from twisting and cause leakage
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