[20.5cm] [Japan Made] KAO Laurier Feather Slim Sanitary Pad (24s)

With wings. Suitable for day use and normal flow.


Breathe easy girls. And smile. It’s time to put a stop to skin discomfort and irritation when you have your period. It’s not something you have to go through just because you are a woman during that time of the month! After all, the Laurier Ultra Gentle range of products is dermatalogically tested and clinically proven to relieve skin irritations so you’ll experience comfort like no other during your periods!


  • The improved range features our revolutionary Block Patterned Core technology which ensures that the new Laurier Ultra Gentle conforms securely to your body movement, giving you better fit and comfort. Together with the innovative 3D-AbsortiF Sheet
  • Quick Lock and Quick Dry
  • 90%* of blood is reduced on the napkin surface through super absorbent high density fibres that quickly locks fluids to the centre core. Say goodbye to that sticky, stuffy and wet feeling!
  • Maximum Breathability
  • Unique airy soft wavy surface promotes airflow so it’s 5x* more breathable, no more putting up with stuffiness!
  • Minimal Rubbing
  • Minimal contact with your skin so there’s no rubbing throughout your period.
  • Superior comfort even for the most delicate skin, the ultra soft cottony surface ensures minimal contact resulting in little or no friction.
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