[Japan Made] Laurier Odorless Daily Sanitary Pantyliners (72pcs)

Made in Japan. 100% Authentic.



  • The length of the tampon is 14 cm long
  • Laurier sanitary napkin is 1mm thin
  • Constructed of cotton fibers, so it is very smooth, the surface is soft, thin and smooth, so it does not cause burning pain, rubbing, heavy when operating.
  • When worn, it feels very cool, a bit as cool as mint, extremely comfortable
  • Laurier sanitary napkins who use them know how the quality is. If you have used it, you do not want to use it anymore.
  • Odorless daily Bvs Laurier - 1 pack of 72 PCS 


  • Super Absorbent Core technology helps absorb 200 times more and absolutely does not reverse
  • BVS Laurier has a soft material that is absolutely gentle on the skin and protects your health
  • Unique checkered groove surface acts as anti-surge grooves, giving girlfriend a sense of peace of mind and safety when using.

How to use: 

  1. Remove the outer packaging and stick the tape to the bottom of the underwear.
  2. Change tampons 4 hours 1 time.
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