[Japan Made] Pigeon Breast Pad - Premium Care (102s)

Made in Japan. 100% Authentic.


Pigeon Premium Care Breast Pad (102 Pieces)

Specifically designed for delicate nipples - Fluffy center to protect your delicate nipple, soft and silky for sensitive skin - Maintains shape with a 3D designed pad. - The pads can absorb a large amount of milk without leaking - The highly absorbent sheets trap the milk, comfortably keeping the skin dry and smooth - The sheet has a soft cushion to protect the mothers breast - 5 stay put tape strips secures the pads to the breasts to prevent from slippage.


  1. Smooth silky touch, gentle to skin
  2. Breathable sheet that keeps you completely comfortable
  3. Instantaneous absorption polymer, no worries from leakage
  4. 5 adhesive strips to keep the pad in place
  5. Three dimensional structure to prevent pad from twisting and cause leakage
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