Singapore Brand Premium 3-Ply Toilet Paper Roll (10s)

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Brand: Wype

Quantity: 10 rolls of 240 pieces each

Each of our toilet paper rolls is certified made of 100% virgin pulp made directly from the pulp of wood or cotton. Our rolls are FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) as fewer chemicals are used in Wype’s toilet rolls, creating less harm and stress for the environment.

Virgin pulp also has higher strength, resulting in a thinner yet stronger product that each tissue is soft to the touch. Lightly embossed to create a better surface to grip onto dirt or particulates, these are then made into 3 ply, 240 sheet rolls that we further pack into 10 rolls per bundle. While they are FSC Certified, we still go through quality assurance to ensure that every high quality tissue piece turns out to be seriously cushiony soft and dermatologically tested so that they are gentle to luxuriate your skin.

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