[Japan Made] Calbee Frugra Granola Cereal - Original (750g)

Made in Japan. 100% Authentic.


Calbee Frugra is a granola made from oats, rye, and other grains to be both delicious to taste and seriously healthy. Enjoy the crispy, crunchy texture of the granola in combination with the several different types of fruit. A mix of oats, brown rice and other grains baked to aromatic perfection together with naturally sweet dried fruit. Full of fiber and iron. Contains eight types of vitamins.


Oats, rye, sugar, dried fruit (papaya), (raisins), (apple), (strawberry), coconut, vegetable oil, rice, dextrin, water-soluble dietary fiber (indigestible dextrin), wheat flour, corn, pumpkin seeds, almonds, salt, wheat bran, rice, glycerine, modified starch, iron citrate Na, emulsifiers (including milk), acidulant, antioxidants (vitamin E), (rosemary extract), niacin, pantothenic acid Ca, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B1

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