Made in Sri Lanka Organic Coconut Milk (400ml)

Made in Sri Lanka. 100% Authentic.

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Organic Coconut Milk | 有机冷压椰子奶

Volume: 400ml

Organic coconut milk is manufactured from organic certified coconuts harvested in Sri Lankan coconut farms located in coconut triangle. After de-shelling & paring process coconut white kernel is crushed in to fine pieces and blanched for sterilization. Then kernel particles are squeezed to get coconut milk which is finally filtered Standardized & Homogenized & pasteurized to get premium quality product. Product may contain certain fat leaves as per customer requirements. 8% – 17% and etc.

Can be used in cooking, baking several dishes or dessert.

*Due to shorter shelf life of this product, the stocks for this items are kept at the minimum at each point of time and it will be replenished on weekly basis. If you need to purchase more quantity of this item, please WhatsApp to 89383606 and our team will assist you with the order.

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