Organic Fine Black Soy Bean Light Sauce 180 Days (320ml)

Made in Taiwan. 100% Authentic.

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Sauce Co Organic Fine Black Soy Bean Light Sauce | 極釀有機黑豆醬油露 (180天)

Volume: 320ml

Wei Jung Food Industry (Sauce Co) had over 70 years of fermented experiences in manufacturing and a popular brand in Taiwan.

Non GMO Black Beans

Gluten Free

180 Days Brewing

Ideal for Dipping Sauce, Stir Fried Rice, Noodles or Stewing Dishes

No Artificial Coloring and Flavoring are involved during production hence refrigerate after opening.

*Due to shorter shelf life of this product, the stocks for this items are kept at the minimum at each point of time and it will be replenished on weekly basis. If you need to purchase more quantity of this item, please WhatsApp to 89383606 and our team will assist you with the order.

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