Made in Taiwan Organic Goji Berries (150g)

Made in Taiwan. 100% Authentic.


Kanboo KB99 Organic Goji Berries|肯寶KB99有機大枸杞

Weight: 150g

KB99 Organic Goji berries (wolfberry) were sourced from Qinghai non polluting plateau, mountain snow water irrigation. It’s organically cultivated top fresh goji berries which is rosy and plump. 100% no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no sulfur dioxide fumigation.

After simply washing the wolfberry, add hot water to brew the healthy wolfberry tea, which can also be used as an ingredient in soup cooking. On weekdays, boiled water is used as tea for drinking, and it can also be used for soup and cooking. It has an excellent flavor and delicious nutrition.

*Due to shorter shelf life of this product, the stocks for this items are kept at the minimum at each point of time and it will be replenished on weekly basis. If you need to purchase more quantity of this item, please WhatsApp to 89383606 and our team will assist you with the order.

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