Dynamo Power Gel Indoor Dry Detergent (2.7kg)

Dynamo Power Gel Indoor Dry Detergent (2.7kg)

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2 times better stain removal with ultra concentrated formula

Specially formulated for indoor drying

Deeply penetrates into fabric and removes residual invisible stains that cause malodor, even when dried indoors

With fresh smelling scent


How to use

  1. Pour Dynamo Power Gel into cap following dosage instruction.
  2. Apply small amount of Dynamo Power Gel directly onto stains.
  3. Pour the rest of the Dynamo Power Gel in cap into the washing machine together with the clothes.
  4. No need to soak.
  5. MACHINE WASH New Dosage: 45mL for standard load (15 20 pieces of clothing) 65mL for bigger or dirtier loads HAND WASH 15mL per - pieces of clothing.
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