[Japan Made] 24K Pure Gold Pulse Beauty Bar

Made in Japan. 100% Authentic.


Surface 24-gold skin care massage by processing and approximately 6000 times per minute vibration.

Easy to massage the T-handle type in large part, ease-of-use. Waterproof construction that can be used in the bathroom.


  • The roller surface diamond-grade cut small diamond shape and unique 3D "V" type design to fit the whole body tensioning curve.
  • Electric power, electric power driven, stable performance , good circulation, easy to use. Requires one AA batteries (not included ); Vibration frequency: About 7,000 times/minute.
  • The use of double drainage roller, simulated massage master complex kneading techniques, so that you enjoy the SPA class massage comfort experience.
  • Through the metal microwave action on the skin, and enhance the skin elasticity activity, while promoting blood circulation, improve facial wrinkles, dilute facial spots, restore skin luster.

Material: Brass, Aluminum, Stainless steel, ABS (Pure gold special surface finished head part)

Exquisite workmanship:

Through fine cutting, grinding diamond grade diamond face, with 70 degrees V roller structure perfect fit the human skin. Using the principle of human engineering, the radian angle of the handle radian is 97.3 degrees, and when the body line is used, the utility model can be naturally pushed, without the influence of angle, and realizes the complex comfortable kneading manipulation of the professional masseur.

Fully waterproof design:

Can be used with cosmetics massage. Can promote the maintenance of skin care products better absorption; with bath lotion, massage the whole body, can promote the skin metabolism, promote the maintenance of skin more tender.

Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse for Skincare:

It's made of brass, aluminium (The T part is gold-plated) and uses AA battery. It's made in Japan and water-proof, so you can use it during bath or shower. Designed with a 24K Gold-Plated Germanium T-Bar Creating an Antimicrobial Surface for Safe Contact with Your Skin.

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