[M, 6kg - 11kg] [Japan Made] Kao Merries Baby Tape Diapers (64s + 4 FREE)

Made in Japan. 100% Authentic. With 4pcs FREE.


For babies between 6kg to 11kg.


  • Triple layer air-through system expels moisture and stuffiness from the insides of the diaper, providing long-lasting dryness and comfort
  • Soft breathable wavy top sheet promotes air flow between diaper and skin for exceptional breathability and dry comfort
  • Unique dual absorbent core instantly draws in and locks away pee and poo
  • Airy soft gathers fits snugly and ensures dryness around baby's waist
  • Ultra softness Flexi-fit "W" Shape that accommodates baby's active movements without red marks or abrasions
  • Colour-changing Wetness Indicators
  • Soft-reusable seal
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