[Japan Made] Nitto Royal Milk Tea (10 Sticks)

Made in Japan. 100% Authentic.


Nitto Black Tea Royal Milk Tea is an Instant individually packaged stick type Royal Milk Tea using 100% powdered Milk from Hokkaido prefecture. It is an instant milk tea that is easily dissolved in hot water so you can enjoy the Mellow Taste and Luxurious Aroma at home, work or anywhere.

Nittoh's Royal Milk Tea is made by pouring Plenty of Milk into a Strong Black Tea. Enjoy the perfect harmony of the Sweetness of Hokkaido Milk and domestic Black Milk Tea. The relaxing Fresh Aroma of Black Tea and Milk is recommended when you want to relax.

A Delicious Royal Milk Tea Latte that you can enjoy anytime hot or cold! You can also enjoy a Creamier Milk Tea Latte if you make it with Milk instead of water.

Each cup is individually packed (always fresh) in convenient sticks, so it's just right for office breaks or anytime at work or home.

How to enjoy:

Brewing -  Just by putting one stick in a cup and pouring hot water, you can easily enjoy an authentic Nittoh Royal Milk Tea Latte anytime.

Hot - Pour one stick in a cup of hot water (120ml), stir well and enjoy. 

Iced - Pour 1 stick into Cold Water (120ml). Add several pieces of ice and stir well until it becomes cold.  (For a Creamy Cafe Latte use Milk or Soy Milk instead of Water)


Sugar, lactose, skim milk powder, dextrin, vegetable oil, whole milk powder (from Hokkaido), tea extract, butter oil, milk protein, sweetened non-fat condensed milk, tea (domestic), salt / pH adjuster, emulsifier (derived from soybean), fragrance (Derived from milk)

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