[$2.99 DEAL] [Japan Made] KAO Washing Machine Cleaning Disinfection Detergent (180g)

Made in Japan. 100% Authentic.


Have you ever experienced unpleasant odour coming from your washing machine or black spots on your clothes after using the machine after a long period of time? These are caused by detergent residues and mold in the wash tub. When the dirt and bacteria in the wash tub sticks onto the laundry, it becomes the cause of unpleasant odour. In order to prevent dirt from accumulating and mold from occurring,it is good to wash the washing machine once in three months with a washing machine cleaner.


  • Bio-enzyme powerful decomposition of stains
  • Deep decontamination to reduce bacterial breeding
  • Clear the odor and keep the body fresh
  • Safe and convenient for washing machine

*If the washing machine has not been cleaned for a long time two bags are recommended for the first time.

*Recommend 1-2 months of regular cleaning of washing machine one bag at a time Increase the frequency of cleaning as appropriate during the changing season or frequent laundry season.

How to use:

  1. According to the recommended amount dissolve the product in hot water and pour it into the bottom of the washing machine
  2. Place the water level high and run for about five minutes ( To avoid empty turn of the washing machine put in a few rags)
  3. Dissolve the product thoroughly ( 40 degrees of warm water is more effective when pollution is serious)
  4. Cut off power supply and soak for 2-24 hours ( The longer the time the better the cleaning effect) then follow the washing standard mode of the washing machine for 5-10 minutes
  5. To confirm that the washing machine is clean if there is still an attachment or a strong smell Use fresh water to clean 1-2 times in standard mode if slightly smelling Harmless to clothing and human body and disinfection of washing machine
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