Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Citrus Clean Wipes (60s)

99.9% bacteria elimination


Vim® Wipes are a convenient solution to clean all types of the visible and invisible dirt all around your home. The wet wipes clean away all kinds of dirt, leaving a beautiful shine and gorgeous citrus scent behind, for a quick clean fix. Use these multi-purpose wipes to tackle tough dirt and scum all around the house. Great for bacteria elimination* on sinks, tables, stainless steel, stoves, garbage bins, toilets and plenty more. To keep your wipes fresher for longer, only open the pack halfway and reseal after every use. If you are looking for a quick shine, use these power & shine wipes as your everyday cleaner. These are safe to use on ceramic, chrome, enamel, plastic and stainless steel - a great cleaner for every room . With 99.9% bacteria elimination*, these disinfecting wipes are sure not to disappoint.

There’s always a beautiful ending®, when you start with Vim®

*Allow surface to remain wet for 10 minutes


  • Discover the VIM® Power & Shine Effect all around your house
  • Cleans and disinfects in one wipe, leaving a zesty scent
  • 99.9% bacteria elimination*
  • Vim wipes are specially designed with a strong honeycomb weave to soften, detach and lift dirt quickly
  • Great for sinks, tables, stainless steel, garbage bins, toilets and plenty more
  • To keep wipes fresher for longer, only open the pack halfway and reseal after every use
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