[Price Drop] INESSENCE Himalayan Salt Potato Chips by Rubio (125g)

Country of Origin: Spain

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S$2.20 S$3.20

INESSENCE Himalayan Salt Potato Crisps - Harmony of delicate flavour and evocative touch of salt. These crunchy artisanal hand-cooked potato crisps from Spain are of Premium flavour that are irresistible gourmet snack for any occasion.

Potato chips extra thick. Intense and genuine flavour of rose Himalayan Salt. In the world's highest mountains, the best pink salt are elaborated. Rubio presents its delicious potatoes that transport us to the highest mountain. Crunchy and delicious potatoes that make the vermouth time unique and unrepeatable.

Ideal for your movie night


  • Potatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Pink Himalayan salt
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