[Bundle Deal] Bird's Custard Powder - Original (300g x 2)

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Bird's custard powder brings you custard just the way you like it and there's no feeling quite like making your own!

With a rich history that goes back to 1837, Bird's custard powder is still loved by generations today.

Bird's Custard is made and served in millions of homes where proper custard is at the heart of a good pud! Bird's Custard was first formulated and first cooked by Alfred Bird in 1837 at his chemist shop in Birmingham. He developed the recipe because his wife was allergic to eggs, the key ingredient used to thicken traditional custard. The Birds continued to serve real custard to dinner guests, until one evening when the egg-free custard was served instead, either by accident or design. The dessert was so well received by the other diners that Alfred Bird put the recipe into wider production.

Smooth, creamy and delicious custard is perfect for a light dessert and highly recommended to make a tempting delightful custard, pudding and pies. Tastes delicious with the addition of fruit salads, creamy toppings or nuts to experience delicious fruit custard.

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